Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Most Perfect Weekend

10 years ago, if you asked me about my "perfect weekend", it would have involved Tommy and I doing something fun and fantastic. Now, perfect has a whole new meaning.

This weekend was about as perfect as it can realistically get. The weather was glorious (70+ degrees in March!). We had a great dinner out with friends on Friday, Tommy got to ref 3 hockey games on Saturday, Girls Sushi Night Saturday, church for me this morning, and we got some wonderful family time in. I also nailed my workouts for the weekend, which felt great. 
Soccer Practice while the girls practiced softball with Daddy

Softball Practice

"Now that is the kind of bottle I'm talking about!"

"This Girls' Night stuff is lots of fun!"
Cookie's water break on our run. 

Cruising the Cul de Sac while Mommy rides her trainer in the driveway.

Mommy multitasking
Cookie recovering from lots of fun this weekend.