Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Powerbar Product Review

Disclaimer: I am on a team sponsored by Powerbar, and a member of Powerbar Team Elite. That said, I have had the opportunity to explore several of the powerbar products this season and am LOVING them.

(My Powerbar stash)

Here is my feedback:

Perform Sports Drink
Not going to lie: I would like this more if it was called Rev3 Tri perform, but it is good stuff. The taste is light...not too sweet but keeps your water from being boring. I put one scoop in my 24 oz bottle and it is just right. If I needed more nutrition I would add an additional scoop (it is starting to get hot around here). Information from the Powerbar website:

Each 8-fl oz serving includes:
  • 17 grams of carbohydrates in a proprietary glucose-to-fructose blend that has been found to improve endurance performance by 8 percent
  • 190 mg of sodium, a key electrolyte lost in sweat
  • 70 calories

Powerbar Energy Blasts:
These things are awesome! They are the endurance athlete's version of gummy bears. We used these things a lot on the Run Across America. A word of advice..they don't do well in heat or cold...they melt or get too hard to chew. (Laura can tell you after Run Across America about the melting part). I would not use these during the run of a triathlon (the gels are easier to consume), but definitely pre-/post-workout and during the bike. I love the raspberry, strawberry banana, and lemon flavors. 

Powerbar Energy Gels:
I used these during the Maryland Half Marathon, and during the Run Across America. They are a regular part of my training nutrition for longer workouts. I was a little nervous about the caffeine, but haven't had any issues (there are several flavors without caffeine, too). The consistency of the gels is good, and I like the strawberry banana and tangerine. 
Powerbar Pure and Simple Energy Bars:
These bars are great when you need a quick bite. I am a huge peanut butter fan, and one bar only has 130 calories, but 5g of protein and 10% of your daily fiber. It is a great "on the run" snack. 
Powerbar Pria Bars:
This bar is marketed for women, but I have to tell you that my 5 ("and 3/4") year old son takes one every day for his backpack. 110 calories, 5 grams of protein, and "as much calcium as a glass of milk". Not a bad snack for my son, and a great way to fill a sweet craving without a ton of calories. I've got my sister and a couple other girlfriends hooked on these. 

Nutrition can be a sensitive issue (literally, for some people). I have to say I am really happy with my Powerbar experience so far. No GI distress, meeting my nutrition needs, and no "bonking" so far. I can't wait for the season to continue! Thank you Powerbar Team Elite and Team Rev 3.