Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Multi-tasking, TriMommy style

I have taken multi-tasking to a new level. My awesome husband got me an indoor bike trainer for Christmas (ok, so I picked it out, bought it, and started using it in early December, but it was my Christmas present). Since he works long shifts, I often do my long indoor bike ride while watching a movie with the kids. This Sunday, after a marathon cleaning session to tidy up the Christmas "toyplosion" (as my friend Stephanie says), I hopped on the trainer. The kids were playing,and I had football on the television. About an hour into my ride, my daughter wanted an apple to eat. I really didn't want to get off the bike, so I had her bring me the apple, a bowl, and the knife (she is 7, and did this safely). I cut the apple while riding (without sustaining any injuries). I also managed to play a game with my son (or coach him through playing a game). The only time I had to stop was to let the dogs out (they are slightly less self-sufficient).

The most entertaining part of the ride was when I heard the sound of light sabers from the other room. Apparently my little Jedis were getting a workout, too. Needless to say, it may not be the most focused training session, but better to get in a Mommy training session than no session at all. (When people I work with ask how I find time for training, these are the stories I tell!).

What a difference a buoy makes!

Swimming is my weakness in the sport of triathlon. I was a lifequard in the Chesapeake Bay in High School, but never swam competitively. I've got the open water piece down pretty well, but not the speed piece. I don't do flip turns (my lack of coordination and the fact that most tris are open water swims led me to decide not to waste time learning them and flailing like a crazy fish). I swam about five times leading up to my first tri last year.

My goal for 2010 was to work on the swim over the offseason. I got a coach, who has developed "the plan" for me. My need to meet my goals and not fail is great motivation for those 6am swims when it is 27 degress (11 with wind chill this morning). Some people love to swim in the pool. I have always loved the water, but don't loooooooove the swim workouts. I feel good once I'm in the pool, but get lapped by so many people that I have to tune it all out.

A lot of my workouts this month have involved paddles and pull buoys. I did not have a pull buoy, and used a kickboard between my legs the first couple of workouts. This is NOT an advisable way to do this. Maybe for those more coordinated, but after getting popped once in the chin by the kickboard I realized I needed a pull buoy STAT!!!! It is amazing how much smoother (not necessarily easier, but smoother) the workouts are now. I still don't love the swim, and I am still sloooow, but I've already been in the pool more times this month than I was for all of last winter, so that is progress!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Discount on Rev3 Tri Series

Interested in a a fun and challenging race for 2010? I am so excited about entering my first Rev3 race this year. The Rev3 race series was designed to make the race experience more enjoyable for families and spectators. The race venues are awesome locations, including Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. The Quassy event takes place at Quassy amusement park in beautiful Middlebury, CT. The University of Tennessee and the World's Fair Park play host to the Knoxville, TN Olympic distance race.

For the Cedar Point Half Rev (half iron distance) and Full Rev (full iron distance), the swim takes place right off of the amusement park beach. What more could you ask for?! There are fun activities during the race that my family can enjoy while waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for me to finish the swim, bike, or run. I am competing in the Half Rev (half iron distance), and looking forward to being part of this great event.

If you use the code Trakkers116 when you register, you will get a $10 discount off the cost of registering.

Rev 3 has three race venues this year:

Knoxville, TN May 9 (Olympic Distance)

Quassy in Middlebury, CT June 5&6 (Olympic and Half Iron distance)

Cedar Point September 12 (Half and Full Iron Distance)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seriously?! I'm old enough to have a seven-year-old?

This Friday my daughter turns 7. Seriously?!?!?! I can't even wrap my brain around it. The best part is that she is an amazing, beautiful, super smart little lady (perhaps I am a bit biased). She has been asking a lot lately about competing in a Kids Tri next year, and about running with me. I am excited at the prospect of common interest. I got into distance running and then triathlon as a means of getting "me time", after years of feeling like "the incubator" and then "the milk lady". I loved it all, but was excited to focus on personal goals while being Mommy. The fact that she might also share these goals is so exciting. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!!