Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gearing up for my last tri of the year

I got "the crud" the week after Luray (I like think of it as "post-final exam syndrome" work hard for something and when you finally relax your body seizes the opportunity to break down). It recurred last week (Tommy and I both had the crud), so my training has been spotty. I also had a 60-page pharmacology chapter to write, so that put a damper on training.

With Make-a-Wish on the 20th, I really cranked it up this week with an open water swim (thanks to Dawn, my MMTC friend, who coordinated), a hilly bike ride in WVA with my Uncle Rob, and an 8-mile run. Today I ran and swam, which doesn't usually happen on a weekday for me (one or the other).

I have started registering for next year's races (there is at least one half ironman on the dockett). I am definitely hooked on this sport!

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