Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009- My Rookie Tri Season in Review

After four tris this season, I thought I would reflect on my favorite gear/services/etc from my "rookie" tri season (also my wish list for 2010).

Things I Love from 2009
1. My Trek Madone
2. Mid Maryland Tri Club (the most awesome, supportive tri people EVER!)

3. She Does Tri Camp (tri camps just for women...a great place for novice triathletes to learn all about the sport), not to mention Amy my tri camp roomie

4. Team Luna Chix (very awesome ladies)
5. Elastic laces
7. Spin classes at Fitness First in Olney
8. WVA bike rides with rob
9. Team "Seriously?!?!" (aka my awesome family)
10. Hammer gels
11.My Nathan tri bag (an awesome bday gift)
12. David Glover's Triathlon in a Box training plan
2010 Wish List
1. Aero bars (more for the groovy water bottle that doesn't require manual dexterity than for the aerodynamic benefit)
2. AMPT testing with Natalie to stop my SI joint pain
3. Check out Trakkers (very cool GPS for endurance athletes so your family and friends can track you during a race...met a beta tester during the Army Ten Miler)
4. Consider a trainer for next season
5. Speed work on the run
6. Survive a half ironman

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Aero bars are great for the water bottle you can then have. :)
    Glad you had a fun year!