Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm on Team Trakkers!!!!!!

A month or so ago, I submitted an application to be a part of Team Trakkers 2010. Trakkers is a GPS system that allows family/friends/fans to track a triathlete during an event. It provides real-time information on their location, speed, etc. Apparently, 500 or so people applied for the team last year. The team spans the range from Pro triathletes to newbie triathletes like myself. Some of the team members have been to Kona more times than I have been to the grocery store! :) I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing team!

Trakkers and Rev 3 are our main sponsors. "The Revolution3 race series was created to change the way athletes, family members, and spectators view and participate in triathlons of all distances. One of our immediate goals is to make triathlons a more interactive, enjoyable experience for spectators by providing fun activities for children and family members during the race. Revolution 3 is about change! Change for the age grouper, change for the professional athlete, and change for the spectators."

More to come, but this is an awesome opportunity and I am really excited! Now to get my rear in gear with offseason training!


  1. Very cool! I was hoping to apply, but missed the deadline. I definitely want to check out the REV3 events. We had 3 young boys, so the race format sounds perfect! Good luck & enjoy!

  2. I am on the team as well and definitely looking forward to the adventure! Congratulations!