Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Multi-tasking, TriMommy style

I have taken multi-tasking to a new level. My awesome husband got me an indoor bike trainer for Christmas (ok, so I picked it out, bought it, and started using it in early December, but it was my Christmas present). Since he works long shifts, I often do my long indoor bike ride while watching a movie with the kids. This Sunday, after a marathon cleaning session to tidy up the Christmas "toyplosion" (as my friend Stephanie says), I hopped on the trainer. The kids were playing,and I had football on the television. About an hour into my ride, my daughter wanted an apple to eat. I really didn't want to get off the bike, so I had her bring me the apple, a bowl, and the knife (she is 7, and did this safely). I cut the apple while riding (without sustaining any injuries). I also managed to play a game with my son (or coach him through playing a game). The only time I had to stop was to let the dogs out (they are slightly less self-sufficient).

The most entertaining part of the ride was when I heard the sound of light sabers from the other room. Apparently my little Jedis were getting a workout, too. Needless to say, it may not be the most focused training session, but better to get in a Mommy training session than no session at all. (When people I work with ask how I find time for training, these are the stories I tell!).

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  1. That's the way... I sometimes have my daughter read to me while I'm doing a recovery ride with her on the trainer so that I can share some of that conversation with her and get my workout in. You definitely have to get creative. Atta way, girl!