Monday, February 15, 2010

"Snowmageddon" Seriously Screwed Up My Training!

After two weeks of "the crud", I was ready to get back on the training wagon in earnest. Then Snowmageddon (rounds 1 and 2) hit! Tonight was my first swim after two weeks of (choose the appropriate legitimate excuse for not swimming) the pool being closed/ closing early/ me not being able to get out of my street to get there.

Round 1 was the fun part. Snow started on Friday evening and by morning we had over a foot. Total accumulation from that storm was 26+ inches. My sister, her boyfriend, and another family we are friends with all lost power for 36 hours. Kamp Kier opened Saturday morning and we ended up with 4 additional adults, an additional toddler, and two additional dogs at our house. It was a blast! Tommy left for 56 hours at the firehouse on Saturday night, so I had lots of company. (Not to mention serious shoveling help on Sunday). It was really a team effort...meals, shoveling, taking care of the kids and dogs. Saturday night brought a "Jammie Jam" in the playroom (aka 80s Dance Party). We had excellent meals, and instead of watching the Super Bowl alone with the kids, we had a party. Everyone got power back Sunday night so Kamp Kier closed for the weekend.

Round 2 was not nearly so much fun. Almost 24 hours of high winds, blizard conditions, and a street that was never plowed after the first storm. Thankfully our neighbor drove two hours to buy a snowblower for our cul de sac. (I am also thankful I live three blocks from the hospital where I work). It was amazing that few people lost power in the second storm. Tommy was working, so I had to wade (and I say wade because the snow was up to my waist) into the backyard to clear the door for the dogs to get out. It was quite an adventure! As my coworker said, we are "Snow over it!" here in the D.C. area.

Needless to say, the indoor bike trainer, elliptical, and weights were my main workout focus during all of this. I couldn't even get to the gym to use the treadmill (my miniman didn't make it out of the garage for a week). I think all of the shoveling, sledding, snow wading, and walking to work in the snow (uphill both ways of course) had to count for something. I will take hill repeats on a run or a wicked swim workout any day over more snow! Thank goodness for getting back into the routine!

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  1. Blizzards are fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Who doesn't love being able to make a snow angel!

    There is always a playful opportunity to be found in any condition, weather or day. Love it.