Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ode to Mama Bear

"Mama Bear" is the nickname for Sharpie (another nickname, of course), our fearless Team Trakkers leader. She keeps us all in check, and provides tons of support. She has taken the sport to a whole new level for me, and I am extremely thankful. In honor of her, I composed a poem (yes I am corny, but it is MY blog after all). :)

Ode to Mama Bear
Sharpie’s fast, she’s funny, and she’s definitely tough,
Mama Bear looks out for her green Trakkers bear cubs.
She supports us and gives us loving reminders,
So we can race hard and help support our awesome sponsors.
She has invested so much and for that we are thankful,
Hopefully we aren’t too much of a handful.

Sharpie’s up for the challenge with Trakkers/KSwiss,
When it comes to smack talk, Mama Bear lays it on thick.
Terriers- woof, woof, Dynamo- who????
With her encouragement and support Team Trakkers will smoke you!
From Knoxville to Quassy, and Cedar Point, too,
Sharpie will be there to get us all through.

There’s Sonja in Boulder and Jamie the Bull,
Kati, Kelly, Megan….And Meredith times two
So many more cubs, how does she keep track?
‘Cause she loves all her cubs and we love her right back!!!!

And we can’t forget the Trakkers Elite,
They’ve got super fast Kestrels and Saucony shoes on their feet!!!
First Endurance in her belly and TriSwim on her locks,
She’s a green tri machine, Mama Bear REALLY ROCKS!!!!!
With Charlie at the helm and Mama Bear minding the crew,
There is seriously nothing Team Trakkers can’t do!!!!!


  1. Had to give some props to the Trakker road-tripping from Boston to Knoxville.