Thursday, October 21, 2010

My 2010 Season in Pictures

Trakkers Gear!

Post-its from Jenn at HQ...always appreciated

Meeting Teammates

My first race sporting Trakkers Gear

My Daughter's First Race

Columbia Tri

Rev3 Quassy: Trakkers Tent

Rev3 Quassy

Half Rev Quassy

Working the Quassy Water Stop

Iron Girl Pre-Race

Pre-Race with Trakkers Teammate Kelly


Rev3 Cedar Point- Trakkers & First Endurance

Rev3 Cedar Point: My First Half!!!!!!!

LOVE the Rev3 Bike Racks!!!!

Cedar Point- Hotel Breakers

Waiting, waiting, waiting for mommy


While Mommy Races.....

Finishing my First 70.3

Finishing with My Daughter!

The Best Support Crew!!!

The Best Support Crew!!!

Half Full Tri: Pre-Race

The Minds Behind Rev3 Timing

T1 Here I Come!

Love those hills!

Finishing 70 miles after a knee injury and walking 11 of 13.1 miles


  1. love it! I bet that was fun to put together. You put up a solid season!!! :)

  2. What awesome photos!!