Monday, September 19, 2011

"Teach your parents well..."

As a parent you spend so much time teaching your children...hoping you are teaching the right lessons. I was reminded this weekend that my kids teach me a lot, too. It was to be a jam-packed weekend. I got a little Mommy time at the University of Maryland vs WVU game, and then we settled in for a busy (and fun) day Sunday. The kids were participating in a tri early in the morning. S had convinced her friend C to join in the fun, so that made things even more exciting. Of course I had a bit of a Mom freak-out because of the swim. My kids learned to swim more competitively this summer, but it definitely isn't their strength (they got that from me). We found out the pool was an outdoor swim, in an unheated pool (temp in the 70s). The ambient temp was 50 degrees. Parents were in fleece/sweatshirts (some in gloves and scarves) encouraging their kids to swim. I decided it wasn't worth D not enjoying his first tri (especially since the 25 yard swim is still something he is working on at 5 years old). About 90% of the kids did the swim (which was optional), and I give them total credit for getting in the water and doing it. I doubt 90% of the parents would have. C braved the swim, and went on to become a tried and true triathlete, which is so awesome. S has had a great attitude about her two races this summer. "I don't need to win. I just want to have fun." She had a smile on her face, and a great attitude. As D came back into transition, She was finishing, so I got to cheer her on. (I ran with him on the bike and run- he was a total crowd favorite as the smallest guy there). She finished, got water, and then ran back to finish with her brother. She cheered him the whole way, and ran with him down the finishing chute. Then she went to find C, who was in a different wave, and cheered her on. I was so proud of her for displaying such support and sportsmanship....she definitely gets what this sport is all about.
Later that afternoon, the girls went to the University of Maryland to practice for "Youth Cheer Day". This is a chance for girls ages 6-14 to cheer at halftime at a University of Maryland football game. S took dance when she was 4, but nothing since. Unfortunately, I have the rhythm of a fruit fly (though they flap their tiny wings rhythmically, so they sadly have more rhythm than I). More unfortunately, this seems to be hereditary. What would I have done as a child (or adult) presented with the same opportunity? I might not have even attempted it. S was given the option to attend, and she knew there would be girls with cheering experience, but she wanted to go for it. I was worried that she would get frustrated during the clinic, but glad that she had a buddy there. We went to drop the girls off, and it was evident they were some of the youngest girls there. They got bows for their hair, and headed for warm-ups with the UM cheerleaders. I left S learning how to grapevine in the warm-ups. I next saw her a few hours later when she got back from the practice. She was totally glowing. Not only did she have a blast, but she and C are going to be the "Flys" during the stunts. !!!!!!
As in the girls at the top of the stunt. Pretty freaking cool. So take that, doubting Mommy.....never underestimate the power of your determined Mini-me

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