Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Running (Part of the Way) Across America

Many of you know I have been a part of Team Rev3 (Formerly Team Trakkers) for the past 2 seasons. This upcoming third season is bound to be the most epic. I love Rev3 because they are family-friendly, and focused on what is important. They have supported the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (based out of Howard County, Md) for several years. This year, the Rev3 staff and team up stepping up BIG TIME to support the Ulman Cancer fund. 

Rev3 Staff (including our fearless leader Charlie) and Team Rev3 members are RUNNING ACROSS AMERICA to kick cancer's butt! They will start in Oceanside, California. Over 21 days and 3,458 miles, they (we) will run to Washington, DC. The race will end at the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University Hospital. 

I wish I could say I was running the entire thing. Unfortunately, I don't think my knees, my husband and kids, or my work would be too keen on three weeks away. The good news is that we had a family meeting, and I am going to run the last 7 or so days of the race. I will be running from Tennessee to DC. I am asking for your support. Not just for me, but to help fight cancer. You can read more about the run here (and donate if you so choose- on the second page you can choose a runner to donate under), and the Ulman Cancer Fund here

Frequently Asked Question:
More than one person has asked "Will people be running the ENTIRE distance?"
No- this is a relay. There will be RVs shuttling the runners as people take turns on the road. The mileage will still be crazy, but it won't be nonstop running. 

This will be an epic adventure....and we will kick cancer's butt along the way. I will keep you posted on updates, progress, etc. Thank you in advance for your support.


  1. Love love LOVE this!! Who can I talk to about running some of MO with them?? Charlie??

  2. What an incredible journey! You are going to love it!!!! I can't wait to follow you!