Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why We Run

As I type this, my teammates and friends from Rev3 Triathlon and the Ulman Cancer Fund are running through Oklahoma. The Run Across America is a crazy undertaking...21 days, over 3000 miles, all to raise $100K for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. They are running a non-stop relay, taking shifts and resting in two RVs. I am nervous but excited to join them next week. I cross my fingers that my body will hold up, and I give thanks for Tommy and the awesome support crew at home who are making it possible for me to take on this journey. I will be running each leg of my journey for someone who is fighting cancer, a cancer survivor, or in memory of someone who lost the fight with cancer. If there is someone you would like me to include, please let me know.

Why is Ulman important? The Ulman Cancer Fund provides support to young adults (teens to age 40) who have been affected by cancer (they may be fighting cancer, cancer survivors, or touched by cancer in some other way). They provide cancer navigation services, nationwide support, scholarships, and even a Cancer to 5K program. I got to run with the Cancer to 5K folks last Saturday, and it was truly amazing. Cancer survivors, people fighting cancer, and volunteers.

Don't take my word for it, though. Hear about it from people who have benefited from the amazing support Ulman provides.

Learn more about the Run here.

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