Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Race (or Volunteer) REV3

(Disclaimer: I have been on the Revolution 3 Age Group Triathlon Team for the past 3 years. This means I have raced and volunteered at Rev3 races, my family are huge Rev3 fans, and I even spent a week with the people behind Rev3 living in an RV and running across America).

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Race Rev3 (in no particular order):

#1 Awesome Race Venues
Rev3 adds amazing venues each year. Rev3 The Dells in Wisconsin sounded like a great race this past weekend and I can't wait to head to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Each race venue is family-friendly, the courses are challenging but well-chosen, and the experience is top notch.

#2 Reliable, Real-Time Race Coverage on Rev3 Live
Rev3 provides amazing race-day coverage. Tweets, race videos, live race coverage, online updates.... It is quite easy to stalk follow someone doing the race. 

#3 If You are Going to get a Race Tattoo, the Blue R is Pretty Darn Cool

If you aren't a triathlete, the phenomenon of getting a registered trademark as a tattoo might not make sense. For some, it is a badge of honor after completing a race that spans 140.6 miles. This is how one athlete commemorated their journey.

#4 Kid Friendly Races at Every Event
Rev3 not only puts on phenomenal races for big people, they love seeing our smaller companions have run racing. The "Little Rev Adventure Race" has become a popular pre-race tradition. The race is open up to children ages 4-16 and is held at most Rev3 events. For $25 per family at the Old Orchard Beach race in Maine, kids get a medal, finisher's tee, and are eligible for prizes. Not only that, they run around and get worn out!

Knoxville Little Rev Race (www.rev3tri.com)

#5 Awesome Race Swag
Rev3 gives out very cool race swag at each event...including visors and race medals specific to the venue. Check out the swag for Rev3 Old Orchard Beach in Maine...


#6 The Rev3 Family (Staff)
Rev3 races aren't just family-friendly events for athletes. The staff are like family, and treat all the participants as such. The staff work all of the Rev3 events (and some of the Rev3 age groupers are staff at races). The races are put on by people who are triathletes, know what triathletes want, and put triathletes first. And they are just downright awesome people.... (and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fabulous volunteers at races). 

Some of the Rev3 staff having at little fun at the Ulman Cancer Fund Blue Jeans Ball.

Rev3 staff having a little fun (before lots of hard work) in Costa Rica.

#7 Reasonable Race Fees
Want to race a 140.6? Thanks to Rev3, you can still register for the Cedar Point 140.6 (if you are a last-minute kind of person), and it would only cost $575 (and that is last-minute pricing). 

#8 Huge, On-Site Race Expo & Awesome Transition Area
The Rev3 Race Expo always has great gear for sale in the store, and great vendors. It is a party atmosphere pre-race, and during the race. Lots of smiling faces, fun for the family, and good triathlon gear to buy (in case you need something new, or need to look for something you didn't yet know you needed).

As for transition, Rev3 has the best bike racks! They afford you lots of space, and hold your bike nicely. 

#9 Rev3 Provides Awesome Support for the Ulman Cancer Fund
When the Rev3 crew does something, they do it big. Charlie and the Rev3 staff have been providing support to the Half Full Triathlon (which benefits the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults) since it began in 2010. In 2011/2012, the Rev3 staff took their commitment to fundraising for Ulman to a new level. For 21 days, Rev3 staff, age group team members, supports, family members, and Team Fight members ran across America. Several of the Rev3 staff ran all 21 days. It was a road trip for the ages, and the Rev3 staff showed just how much spirit and dedication they have. Rev3 has partnered with Ulman for the 2012 Half Full race and it will definitely be fantastic.

#10 Rev3 Races are a Top-Notch Experience for Athletes and Spectators
Anyone who has spectated a triathlon knows it is hard work. When I brought my kids, Mom, and Sister along for Rev3 Cedar Point in 2010, I knew I could entice them with the idea of playing at the park while I raced. The kids watched the swim start from our balcony at Breakers hotel, rode coasters and rides for the majority of my race, and were there to finish with me. They had a blast, there was minimal whining from my then 7 and 4-year-olds, and I got to finish with my daughter. This is my absolute favorite part of Rev3 races...seeing families run across the finish together. When I struggled on the run of the 70.3 race due to injury, the idea of seeing my daughter at the finish got me through. It was even better than I imagined. 

Haven't tried a Rev3 Race yet? Check out their site here and pick a race! I personally can't wait for Williamsburg 2013...only 3 hours away and so much for the family to do! One thing I didn't have in my list (and which could easily be #11) is the engagement of the pros who race Rev3 races. They are friendly, engaged, and have been known to pass out age group awards and cheer on finishers. 


  1. Great list Kier!!! The cool cool medals!!! :D

  2. As I expressed in my blog about working the event, Rev3 provides a race experience like none other. I could not be more in love with Rev3 and my Rev3 family!

  3. LOVE it! You really cannot beat the atmosphere of a Rev3 event -- I think my favorite has to be the finish line though - from the fun music/announcements and things going on at the ongoing expo to the kiddos running down the chute with their racing parents. What better way to be a great example for your kids -- conquering a tri and then including them in celebrating that accomplishment!

  4. Oh my gosh Kier... this is an AMAZING list! You didn't miss anything about Rev3... they simply rock

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