Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Why We Fight"

In October of 2010, I participated in the Half Full Triathlon. I was a member of Trakkers (now Team Rev3), and had learned about Ulman Cancer Fund through the local chapter of Mid Maryland Tri club. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Rev3 crew would be at the race, providing timing and supporting some of the race infrastructure.

I completed the race with a torn meniscus in my knee. I knew I was injured, debated switching to the aquavelo, but decided to go for it. I walked 11+ of the 13.1 miles, but I finished. When I wanted to quit, I said "you can't quit cancer, and I am not quitting this #$^%&#*@ race!" So I finished, with my teammate Kati (who works for Rev3 timing) and Susie Rocks to meet me at the finish. (yes...the knee brace slid down there at the finish).

In 2011, I worked at the race, this time more connected to the cause and the Team Fight and Ulman crew.

In April of 2012, I embarked on 7 days of the Rev3/Ulman Run Across America. This was a truly epic adventure, in the name of young adults battling cancer, and young adult cancer survivors. All along Rev3 has been a huge supporter of Ulman. This year, Rev3 took a bigger role in the Half Full race. They included it in their race series and are focusing more of their resources on the race.

So then came the big announcement that has polarized the triathlon world...Lance Armstrong is competing as a survivor, and the Half distance race will not have USAT sanctioning. There are tons of opinions....honestly that isn't what this post is about.

This post is about Amy...a Mom of two young girls who fought cancer and now gives her time to others through Ulman's Cancer to 5K program.

This post is about Jessica...a cancer survivor and liver transplant recipient who is an amazing ray of sunshine to all who she encounters. Her positive outlook and her dedication to Team Fight is contagious.

This post is about a friend who is a mother, fighting breast cancer.

This post is about Harmony and Ryan...who are battling a fierce enemy with love, family, prayer, and medicine. Harmony helped kick off the Run Across America in raise awareness and share support.
Harmony and the Rev3/Ulman Crew

The Half Full Triathlon is about being Half Full. It is about helping young adults fight cancer. It is about providing navigation services, and support groups, and hope. So I choose to view this event as Half Full. I choose to see Lance Armstrong as an ambassador for Cancer awareness and cancer philanthropy. I look forward to seeing many of my Rev 3, Ulman Cancer Fund, and Team Fight friends this weekend.

For Amy, Jessica, Harmony and Ryan, and so many others...this is why we fight.


  1. Word, sister. WORD. Kick cancer in the can! :D *HUGS*

  2. This is an amazing, amazing post... I cannot wait for this Sunday and to race in honor of so many people who have touched and/or inspired me by not backing down to cancer and by taking the "half full" view of life. I have a feeling this truly will be a race unlike any other.

  3. Love Jessica P. and Harmony--thanks for writing this post and pointing out the real reasons this race takes place. Team Fight rocks!

  4. I love the good cause for running. I hope your injured knee has recovered. All the best for the Half Full Triathlon! resveratrol side effects

  5. You tried quite hard to finish the race like that. I think that it is quite impressive to do it like that and it is nice to hear that REV3 was there with support. I am glad that there are people like that and per head tha they are quite supportive.