Sunday, May 3, 2009

Training at the Pool Today

So I haven't been in the pool since camp last weekend (waiting for our neighborhood pool to open so I don't have to pay $5 for each session). After the feedback on my videotape analysis at She Does Tri, I was eager to get into the p00l. My biggest areas for improvement are bending my arms under the water more, and twisting my body more in the water. I used a training routine from the regimen given to us at camp.

It was amazing what a difference a couple of drills can make when you know what you need to improve. Since I started swimming seriously again this winter, I realized that I am totally unable to breathe to the left when swimming freestyle. I swear I could do it in my lifeguarding days, but now look like a beginner swimmer when I try. (This comes back to not twisting my body enough in the water). I used the "side kick" drill, though I felt totally uncoordinated while doing it (I used a sidestroke kick but wasn't sure if this was correct). 6x25 of this drill, then I was back to some freestyle laps. Literally on the first lap I was able to breathe to the left without gasping for air. Craziness! Who knew? I was so excited (but had to contain myself because I was trying not to run up on the lady swimming backstroke in my lane). I also worked on bending my arm in the water and really could feel the difference in the power of my stroke.

It was a great swim. After a spin class/treadmill "brick" yesterday, it was a successful weekend of training. Now if only the rain would stop!!!!!

(We also had an awesome soccer game for S this weekend and a great BBQ with friends last night, dinner with family tonight, about 4 loads of laundry, two trips to the grocery store, some serious light saber action from D, and lots of progress on the basement by T......a very productive weekend!)

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