Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tri Swim Rocks!

Have I mentioned that the swim has not been my strongest event? In 2010, I'm trying my darnedest to enjoy the swim more and decrease the number of excuses I have to not swim as much as I should.

One of my challenges with swimming is the number chlorine does on my hair and skin. I have dermatographia (while this sounds dramatic, it just means that my skin is so sensitive you can gently write a word on my arm with your fingernail and moments later the word is spelled out in red welts). I can't try on clothes without crazy red marks showing up all over my neck. Needless to say, swimming in the winter contributes to already dry skin.

Then there is the hair. My hairdresser is one of my good friends, and I am her "project". I have the finest, flattest hair EVER!(My husband once called my hair "limp" and we had words about using that adjective to describe your spouse!) You can spray it, curl it, tease it, shellac it, and it will end up flat and straight. It takes her two hours to achieve the curly "fancy" do evidenced below.

Anyway...I have issues that chlorine does not help AT ALL! This summer I received a sample pack of Tri Swim products. When I started training again in December, I broke out the samples (called "shots"). I am so impressed with how these products work. My skin doesn't feel dry and gross after the swim, and my hair doesn't act any different than when I roll out of bed and take a shower. This is a vast improvement over my previous post-swim experiences! The shampoo and conditioner are also safe for color-treated hair. Did I mention how good the products smell? I am totally hooked, and really excited to be sponsored by Tri Swim this year!!!!

One more very cool fact- Karen Smidt-Allard, the founder of Tri Swim, is a competitive triathlete and Mom.

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  1. Cool - I am looking forward to trying these products!