Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bring on December!

I've started about five blog posts in the past couple of weeks, but have never actually posted. My perkiness and pep are still escaping me (though I see a glimmer every know and then). I have tried to exercise, but the knee injury that started late this summer flares every time I try a lower body workout (run, elliptical, bike..). I am always one for "sucking it up", but apparently I need to see an expert...tomorrow I see the orthopedist.

November sucked on many levels (considering I started the month with a very unexpected stay in the hospital). At the same time, November included my sister's wedding which was a wonderful event filled with family, friends, and good times. On this last day of November, I am tired, I am grumpy, I am seriously missing exercise! Reading all of the race reports lately just makes me realize how much I miss it!

So how to break out of this funk? (*It isn't depression, definitely just an irritable state). I've realized I need to break it down into things I can change and things I can't, and look forward to the awesome things to come in December. I can't change that I was ill, that my knee is a wreck, or all of the things at work that are out of my control. I CAN suck it up, put on a smile, stop eating total junk, stop sweating the small stuff, work on getting my knee better, figure out a race calendar for 2011, start getting in workouts somehow, and enjoy my awesome family!

So bring on December. I am ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An awesome time at my sister's wedding.

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  1. not exercising absolutely sucks! Talk about a huge black hole sucking out our energy. I feel your pain.

    Hang in there, and bust a move in December.

    And it could be worse - you could be Sneezy!