Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Weeks

The setting: Uncle Rob's awesome log home in West Virginia (near Shepherdstown)
The Event: Girls Weekend, Taking a walk before lunch

The Conversation:
Meredith (My younger sister): "Trevor says maybe we should just save money and get married here."
Me (thinking to myself "Didn't we talk about this as a location MONTHS ago?) : "How about November 13th?"
Meredith: "That could work"

Three hours later, we were walking into David's bridal. The salesgirl never knew what hit here. In one hour, we had the perfect wedding gown, my dress, my daughter's dress, and the MOB dress for our Mom. This is what happens when the girls go to "relax". We also got wraps at Macy's since it will likely be chilly.

Fast Forward two weeks, t-minus 6 days from the wedding. My energy level is really frustrating....I can't do nearly the amount to help my sister that I thought I would be able to. If it involves physical labor, I am out. Thankfully she has lots of awesome friends and family to help. I am just hoping to be able to stay vertical for the wedding. It is amazing how everyone has pulled together to make this happen, and I know it will be beautiful.

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