Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately about the sport of triathlon, and having "what it takes". I've not had it in the past year. I think competing (or even just racing for fun) requires several things:

- Determination
- Dedication
- Physical Ability
- Motivation

I've never been lacking in determination. When I joined the fire department and someone told me I couldn't be a firefighter, I had to prove them wrong. When I suffered a torn meniscus, I walked 6 miles of my 70.3 in Cedar Point, and 11 miles of 13 at the Half Full Triathlon. (Ok, the line between "determined" and stubborn is fairly blurred, but oh well).

Dedication is something I wish I had more of. My training has not been consistent for quite some time (more on that under "physical ability"). I've tried to listen to my body, and sometimes rest seems best, but not training makes me feel like a slacker (especially when you are friends with amazing, dedicated athletes who seem to make it work every day). The past few weeks...my dedication has been more consistent. I've been training 6 days a week, and slowly building my run mileage, but I have so far to go.

Physical ability has been my biggest issue this year. The list of medical issues is long (and sometimes quite random...ectopic pregnancy, torn meniscus, abnormal heart rhythm, hearing loss, hair loss, allergic reaction, blah, blah, blah). Regardless, my ability to consistently train or race this year has been nonexistent. For a long time I was pushing through, training despite not feeling 100%. Thankfully, just being able to exercise made me feel a bit better. Lately...exercise has been a coping mechanism and I have increased my physical ability. I have a long way to go, but I'm making progress.

Motivation. So this is where I've had a huge boost lately. I kept waiting for things this year to motivate me...trips to races, my desire to race, anything. It just wasn't there. Part of it was related to the health issues, but with more motivation I might have sucked it up a bit more often. In the past few weeks, the motivation has been abounding. It started when I went back to spin class. Sherri has been my favorite spin instructor since I started taking the class, but I took a hiatus when I thought it wasn't conducive to triathlon training. I've since discovered that it is a good way for me to get speed work in, especially because I feel like I can't push myself hard enough alone on the trainer. Our daughters became friends this year at school, and I have been attending her class pretty consistently. She has this ability to constantly remind you of the mind-body connection. It has helped me to find some serious focus while working harder than I have in a long time.

Then there are our new teams members on the Rev3 Triathlon Team. These are some crazy fast, really dedicated triathletes. I'm going to have to bring it in 2012.

Cookie the Wonderdog has been great motivation, too...she pushes me to be out there running even when I'm not feeling it. Today we ran after dark, with flashlights and a reflective vest, and I am so thankful for the motivation.

There are so many things that influence my motivation, but I am thankful for ongoing family support (and my husband who understands my endurance sport addiction even if he wouldn't do a triathlon himself), my friends (like friends who persist despite health issues, and Katy who is pregnant and still staying in fantastic shape!), my teammates, and my kids (who will soon be faster than me). Bring on 2012!!!!

"If you are hurt, whether in mind or body, don't nurse your bruises. Get up and light-heartedly, courageously, good temperedly get ready for the next encounter. This is the only way to take life - this is also 'playing' the game!" - Emily Post


  1. Girl, you set the bar for the Rev3 Team! You are truly a role model for me, and a great friend. I hope I get to see you more in 2012. *hugs*

  2. Kier, great post. I think what this really brings attention to is the fact that we all suffer from lack of motivation sometimes. Look, being a triathlete, especially an age-grouper is hard work. Tons of discretionary time spent away from family, friends, etc. The end result is a more sound mind and body. I struggle primarily with the time issue. I am so less motivated to work out when my day compresses and I feel cramped for time.

    I believe that you have to continue to find balance. Sometimes you have it and it works for a certain period in your life, and other times the routine that was working needs to be reevaluated because of new circumstances.

    Look forward to following your season and seeing your out there once again this year!

  3. Thanks for this post chica! It's so hard to not be able to do what you know you're capable of doing.

    I, like you, don't usually have a problem with determination (I'm stubborn too).

    There are some crazy fast people on the team, I'm trying not to compare myself to them. HOwever, I'm also worried about the first time I do a race with all of you--I can't let myself get down even though I know I'll be way behind all of you.

    2012 is going to be awesome for us both!

  4. Loved your post... even just reading how you find your motivation is incredibly motivating!

    Good luck! I always find that getting back into the swing of things is the hardest but once you get into a routine or get used to the effort, you start to remember why running/biking/whatever makes you happy!

  5. Great post Kier! Can't wait to see you again and race with you in 2012. I might be bringing up the rear of the team, but I'll do it with a smile, right?!