Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bring on 2012

So those who know me know that 2011 came in at a relatively low point for me, and has had it's share of crummy moments. Don't get me wrong- there have been some wonderful milestones with my children and my family (including the birth of my new niece). I have also been repeatedly reminded how many wonderful family members and friends I have. Tommy has lived up to the "in sickness" part of our wedding vows a lot this year. I was telling someone the other day that all of my crazy health issues have been these "flash in the pan" things. Something crazy happens (hearing loss, allergic reaction, exacerbation of my rapid heart rhythm), I go to deal with it, and it gets better or just fades into the background. Just in time for the next issue....

Late 2010/2011 by the numbers:
ER/Urgent Care visits 3
MRIs 3
Knee Surgery 1
Heart Procedure 1
Doses of steroids 4
Episodes of significant hair loss 1
Unexplained rashes 1
Meldowns- Countless
Whining blog posts- ?about 5

So I am OVER it. I figure I'm going to kick 2012's a$$ rather than the other way around. I am going to control the things I can, and stop stressing about the things I can't. Being in healthcare, we tend to look at things as "it could always be worse". I think the lesson I have learned is over the past few months is that it is ok to think things suck sometimes, but not ok to use them as an excuse to lose sight of your goals. So my plan for 2012 is to control the things I can:

- The 15+ lbs I have gained
- My dedication to training
-Optimizing time with my family
- Becoming a morning person again (this is one thing that really bums me out..I miss my time in the mornings.....need to start getting up early)

Goodbye 2011. Some awesome things have happened, but I am O.V.E.R you. I want to race, I want to run part of the way across the country, and I want to feel badass again!!! Is that too much to ask?


  1. In some ways I feel the same about 2011.

    Here's to a great 2012! And to mornings. I love working out in the morning but I agree it's difficult to get up and out of bed.

  2. You are going to rock 2012! Can't wait.