Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet My New Coach

I didn't go into the planning for my 2012 season thinking I would have a coach. I thought I would use training plans and make it work. Sometimes things just happen at the right time, and for the right reason.

Enter Sharpie/Mama Bear/Carole. MB is our Rev3 "team Mom" (of course that makes her sound old and she is anything but). She is a very important facet of the "glue" that holds our team together. She is also a friend, and one of the toughest cookies I know. A schedule that doesn't fit mine = stress for me when I can't meet the challenge. 
Sharpie top left, me bottom right.
My challenge in the past has been finding someone who understands my crazy life/schedule (full time work, kids, and husband who works shifts). Tommy's schedule is predictable, but makes a consistent training schedule require that much more creativity. 

So why Carole? Like I said, she is the toughest cookie I know. She has made the podium multiple times in 70.3 and 140.6 races, and overcome some huge obstacles. Anyone can be an awesome athlete, but to also be one of those truly good people, who makes others laugh and supports everyone around her, is an entirely different story.

So why Carole?

She will kick my butt, but do so lovingly.
She knows what the past year has entailed, so will take that into account while kicking my butt.
Her blog is one of my favorite...she can make me laugh until I snort with one post, and cry with the next. 
She is a fantastic athlete, and will help me become a better one.

Because the home page of her website says....

I'm hoping she can help me with some of that....a tall order, but I think she is cut out for it and I am ready to work!


  1. Yeah! I loved working with Carole. She definitely got me in the best shape of my life. I hope 2012 is am amazing year for you!

  2. so excited for you and Carole! :)

  3. awesome!!! you'll have a great year.

  4. Sounds like there will be a couple of you using MB as their coach. If you make it out of the season alive I might be a copycat next year =).

  5. Yay! I think Carole is a great fit for you! :)