Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Coach Sharpie...from Cookie (the pup)

Dear Coach Sharpie,

Since my two-legged Mom started working with you, she seems very happy. That said, our workouts have changed a little. After adopting me, she discovered that I am an awesome running buddy (pretty amazing for a dog who survived significant burn injury). I don't stop to sniff, and rarely go to the bathroom. Even when I see another dog or other two-leggers, I am only temporarily distracted. I am all about the task at hand.

We used to run pretty fast. We got outside and I wanted to run, run, run. Now my Mom goes a lot slower, and checks that thing on her wrist all the time. Before, she would drop me off at home and finish her run alone because I was worn out. Now I am with her for the whole run. I don't understand why she does these crazy things sometimes (hopping, skipping, and other weird things with her feet I have never seen before), but we have fun. She has even taken me on a new route through the woods and near lots of horses and deer.

I also like when you have her ride on the spinny thing. I get to sit on the couch and bask in the sun while she does all the work (don't tell my Dad!). I'm working on perfecting my downward dog when she does yoga.

Thanks for making my two-legged Mom so happy, and thanks for the awesome training plan. My legs are solid muscle now and all of my cold-weather clothes fit much better!

Cookie the Wonderdog


  1. Aaaah this is so cute!!!! Winston can TOTALLY relate!!! :)

  2. Your dog's story made me tear up!

    I've got a rescue dog, too. I've always wondered what the first year of his life was like - but maybe we're better off not knowing. I know he's happy, healthy and loved now!

  3. Aw... that's an awesome post. And one that Sharpie will love! :)

  4. You are completely adorable, Kier. And I want you guys to adopt ME!!!!!

    Cookie hit the JACKPOT!!!! You guys are Heaven sent.


  5. Awww Cookie sounds like a true wonderdog and partner in crime!