Monday, April 19, 2010

Meeting My Trakkers Teammates

Being on Team Trakkers with triathletes from all over the country has been like the modern-day version of having pen pals. We have gotten to know each other through blogs, tweets, and the Rev3 radio shows. I am actually only about an hour from Trakkers HQ, so I'm hoping to meet Charlie and the Trakkers crew before too long.

Rachelle is from Iowa, and Kati from VA. Rachelle is in town for a conference, so we all met up for a ride and dinner (complete with Margaritas, the unofficial team recovery drink). Rachelle rented a road bike, which presented some challenges on the 4 1/2 mile climb at the start of the ride, but she is a tough cookie (tougher than me, for sure). Kati was a total workhorse (I was singing "Just keep spinnin'" to myself while watching her legs the tune of "Just keep swimmin'" in Finding Nemo). We had a great ride, though it was frigid on the downhills!

The Mexican restaurant I found online left a little to be desired, but we had a great time hanging out. It was so nice to meet up with teammates and get to know one another. On the drive to meet Kati, Rachelle discovered what a talker I am, and we realized that we both identify our teammates as their twitter names and the pic they have posted on Twitter ("Laura is the one with a pic of her in a wedding dress on her bike"). We had a great time, and I'm looking forward to hanging with my fellow "Trakkies" at Quassy.

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