Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Team Rocks!!!!!!

When I applied for Team Trakkers, it was after a random email from tri friend Katie Davidson about helping with a device test. It wasn't a race I was competing in, but I checked out the website and saw that they were accepting applications for their team. The application was clear about the fact that they were looking for triathletes from all backgrounds, skill levels, etc. I figured "what the heck?". I filled out the application honestly (and with I though was a bit of humor).

Here I am 6 months later...part of the most amazing team I could imagine. Not just because we have some awesome elite and age group triathletes on our team, but because we have some amazing people on our team. I feel so fortunate to get to know this group of people, to be led by Carole Sharpless (aka Mama Bear), and to learn from some of the best triathletes out there. Things I have learned so far....
- With the right attitude, you can do ANYTHING...come back to the sport after breaking your back (Carole), run 100 miles in the desert (Sonja), be a Mom and a triathlete (Kati, Kelly, Jessi and many more).....
-Triathletes can talk some serious smack (bring it Terrier Tri and Team Dynamo!)
-I love Wednesday nights at 8pm when I can listen to the Rev3 radio show, get great advice from pro triathletes, and chat with my Trakkers teammates
-I cant't wait to meet everyone at Rev3 Quassy and Cedar Point!

To top it all off? I got my team uniform in the mail this week. I have never opened a package so fast. Yes...I need to lose a pound or two (serious muffin top action), but I love getting to proudly display my team colors. The BEST part of the package? The personalized post-it that will hang on my fridge this season! Many thanks to Carole, Charlie, and Team Trakkers for having faith in me!!!!!


  1. Woohoo! Sweet pic!

    I may or may not have had a very green Trakkers-themed fashion show in my living room tonight. That is all I'm at liberty to say...

  2. Awesome...I think green is your color!!

  3. I had my 7 and 4 year olds taking pics for me...hence the angles. Jamie- I think we all had a fashion show!

  4. My daughter (18 months) graciously agreed to try on all my New green clothes. Too funny! :)

  5. Umm, Troy had to ask me to take the kit off before going to bed. He said as sexy as it was, it was not appropriate bedtime attire. We are so lucky to have such support!

  6. Great post Kiersten. I had to do my fashion show before my wife got home so she couldn't make fun of me!! It doesn't even phase my kids anymore, guess they think it's "normal"!

    Looking forward to meeting everyone at Quassy!