Friday, December 10, 2010


While it is very cliche, I think we would all agree that families come in all forms. I am fortunate to have a wonderful "biological" family. In addition, I have wonderful friends I consider my family.

Some of them are new friends. I am so excited to get to know the new members of the Team Trakkers family (more on that to come soon). Through work and the sport of triathlon, my extended family has grown.

This week I was reminded that sometimes the closest friends aren't those we necessarily talk to on a regular basis. Nadia and I grew up together. I was 3 and she was 2 when we met. We lived on the same court, and literally had the run of a large neighborhood for over a decade. We were complete "pool rats" in the summer (endless games of Sharks and Minnows, and hide and go seek when the pool closed). There were countless sleepovers (including the time she and I camped out on her kitchen floor when my Mom was in labor at the hospital with my sister Meredith). She has a large family, and I was considered one of the gang. I was always at family functions, and her uncles teased me just as much as they did her.

April 1981 (Ages 4 and 5)

We saw each other less in our teenage years, but were fortunate to reconnect as adults. We have daughters who are actually two weeks apart in age. It has been so great to get together with our girls, which is like looking back 20 years. This week, I had the occasion to see Nadia's family every day. Do you ever have that total feeling of warmth and "home" when you see someone who brings with them fond memories? Seeing all of these people who were like a second family to me is like going to a reunion. I can't do the feeling justice, but it just feels reassuring. A lovely reminder that some bonds are stronger than time, the hectic pace of life, or anything else. I'm so thankful for such wonderful people in my life.

The next generation


  1. Those are true friends. The ones you can go months with out talking and poof, when you do it's like not time has gone by. Those are the ones you can depend on :-)

  2. Very Cool, neat to hear about Nadia!! So glad you all are still friends and are close!

  3. :) Look forward to getting to know you!

  4. We are so lucky to have "those people" we can go years without seeing, but deep now, they are always with us, and if we need them they are there in an instant. Love the family photo!

  5. Awesome pictures! I can't wait to get to know the team :)

  6. Love these pictures, love the family picture. I can't wait to get to know the team! Good luck today with the knee.

  7. Kier-You rock and are such a great person!

  8. We are lucky to you have YOU, sweet girl.