Friday, December 3, 2010


5:15 am- The alarm goes off so I can swim
Motivated Me- "Get up, Sleepy Head"
Unmotivated Me- "There is a reason they invented the snooze button. You can cycle
on the trainer tonight."
Motivated Me- "When have you EVER felt like a workout on a Friday evening?
Fridays are always crazy at work."
Unmotivated Me- Saaahhhnooooozzzzzzeee
7 minutes later...Motivated Me wins out.

90 minutes later, after a glorious 30 minute swim (my first in over a month), I'm showered and pulling up in the driveway. Crap! The same lights are on as when I left. Are the kids still sleeping??? (Insert stress here). Tommy was going to get them up. I walk in the door and there are my awesome kids. They woke up for their alarm, are both dressed and getting their shoes on. I can talk, cajole, yell, stomp my feet, and it never happens this smoothly. Not only did they get themselves up and dressed, but they also got their Dad up. (He is a fan of "Snooze", too).

Work was great. Fridays are always crazy, but I was reminded that I have so many awesome friends, and I love my job! I think the workout this morning just seriously altered my perspective. Even the call from the orthopedist saying I have a torn meniscus and need surgery didn't put me in a bad mood. I'm hoping it will fix my pain and I can be back stronger in 2011 (my physician colleagues said I should ask for bionic parts while I am at it).

Murphy's Law on Fridays is that we will get lots of cardiac patients in the Emergency Department at 3pm. True to form, we had three. We got through them, had a nice time working with our ED staff, and I got out to buy birthday balloons for my daughter (am I seriously old enough to have an 8 year old???).

Dinner tonight was the Bday girl's we went to Sakura (the local Japanese Steakhouse). We had a blast, the kids were great, and there was cheesecake with a candle and "Happy Birthday".

It doesn't get better. Sure, my knee will hopefully get better, my fitness will get better, but LIFE. IS. GOOD.


  1. YAY! This sounds great. I am so glad today was a good day. :) Happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. Life is good!! What a fantastic day. Keep us posted on the knee!!

  3. First of all, sweet pic of the bionic duo! Secondly...I wish I didn't have to leave for work so early, but an hour on the trainer at 3am is a bit early!!

    Good luck with your knee. Lemme know if I can do anything. Will your surgery be before or after the fundraiser night on the 17th?

  4. I read this the other day..and literally said it to myself this morning. Thanks for the mantra..."get up you lazy butt!!!"

  5. Fingers crossed for your knee! I love the conversation with yourself in the morning, I totally do that.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, it is much appreciated.

  6. So I really loved the bionic duo picture. The $6mm guy was one of my faves way back in the day (and bionic woman wasn't too bad either).

    Very impressed with the decision to get up and go out - far too often I have that conversation with myself and end up staying in bed. It's just so HARD to get up sometimes.

    Here's to a speedy recovery with the knee!