Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monday Rundown

Inspired by some of my teammates with great blogs, I have decided to start a new weekly post for some of my random training updates, thoughts, and happenings for the week.

- Throwback: For Christmas, I asked my kids (aka husband) for the first season of Wonder Woman on DVD. I love Wonder Woman. I had Wonder Woman Underoos as a kid. My sister and I used to pile the couch cushions on the floor and then jump onto them from the couch, pretending we could jump as far and as fast as Wonder Woman. My husband and I now realize that she got knocked out a lot with Chloroform, but that is a small detail. We have been watching the episodes with the kids, having a blast. I am reliving my childhood, and still think Wonder Woman rocks! The cool part is that Lynda Carter lives in our area, and frequents the firehouse near her house to thank the firefighters. Tommy hasn't see her yet, but maybe one of these days (and hopefully he can get me, I mean the kids, an autograph).

- My poor munchkin gets tubes in his ears tomorrow. He has been a trooper. He doesn't even complain when he gets an ear infection, and we often only find out because his ears start draining. It is a brief procedure, but you hate to see your pumpkin go through anything. After a busy day at the doctor (and then home on a sick day with Daddy)last week, he fell down on the job a bit....

- Our pups: Our firstborns often get neglected in blog posts because our human kids are so darn entertaining. These guys Spanner (short for Star Spangled Banner, born on July 4th), and Spridel (ever seen "Speed Racer?") are both 90+ years old in people years. Spridel has cancer so we have enacted doggie advance directives, but he is stubborn and remains comfortable, so we are happy to have him hanging with us. Both dogs are stone cold deaf. Spridel got out tonight and got several blocks away. This is the first time this has happened. They have a tendency to go outside our split rail fence and come back in. It was totally my fault as I had put the dogs out, let Spanner in, and got distracted. I am so thankful that someone called us, and thankful that I was able to find him after she let him get away. I'm thinking he will be on a leash from now on. I now know I can run on my knee because I ran around looking for him (don't tell my ortho- desperate measures). Below are pics of Spanner keeping me company on the trainer and Spridel wiped out after his adventure.

- Family Fitness: We got the kids the Xbox Kinect for Christmas. This is really a great workout. Can I just say that my kids and husband beat me in all of the games (and I can't blame my knee---I just don't have the hand-eye coordination). We were playing this game that reminds me of "Pong", but with your body instead of a paddle. My husband said I look like and Orangutan playing it. He was right! Here are the kids giving it a go.

-Training: Ah, yes, training.... I actually have picked up a somewhat regular regimen. There isn't a training "plan" yet, just what my knee feels up to on any given day.
Cycling (Indoor Trainer): 3hrs 8 min
Core: 30 min
Strength: 95 min
Walking: 30 min
Running after the dog: 15 min

Have a great week!


  1. Nice ecclectic mix! The pups getting out scare me-glad they are's funny, after I have had surgery/injury I have run without thinking like you did, and it's ok. But keep a lid on it for now :)

  2. Spanner must be at least part golden retriever? That is so typical needing to be in touch with you.

  3. Spanner is 100% Golden, though he is often mistaken for an Irish Setter. I didn't realize the behavior was specific to Goldens, but he is always wanting to be close to us. Spridel is a mutt (a lab shepherd mix, we think).

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. I love random posts... :)

    Glad that you got the dog back. They are cuties!

  6. My golden is the same way - he MUST be touching us at all times. Sitting in our lap, nudging our hand so we will pet him, giving us hugs, etc. Sweetest. Dogs. On the Planet!!!

    So glad you've got a knee on the mend (otherwise how would you have been able to chase after Spridel?

  7. These kind of posts are sometimes my favorites!! We really get to see a bit of everything that makes you you!

  8. Great post - can't way to try the xbox kinect. Heard it's hilarious!

  9. I LOVE WONDER WOMAN! Do you really have the underoos???? so cool! Your doggies are so sweet.. he just knew you could run and wanted to prove it to you! :)