Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Rundown

This will be a quick one...I'm wiped!

Tubes- D got the tubes in his ears last week. He was a total trooper. Not a tear was shed. Since he had the procedure done at my hospital, the recovery room nurses all commented that they now know what I am like after two glasses of wine. He did great, and was back to school the next day. Here is hoping there are no more ear infections!

Family Movie Night- Thanks to my Dad giving us a larger-than-life television when he moved out of his apartment, we have started a "family movie night" tradition. Once a week, we all pile on the couch and watch a movie (or an episode of Wonder Woman). We have really had a blast with it. We do lots of reading, playing games, etc., but something about showing the kids some of the movies that we liked as kids is a blast. We watched "Ghostbusters" this week. We were reminded how far special effects have come in the years since the movie was made, but we had a great time laughing at the movie. Of course our little one was obsessed with the fact that the Ghostbusters lived in an old firehouse.

Party on- This weekend was the party for my sister and her husband to celebrate their wedding in Philadelphia. It was a great chance to see his hometown and meet friends and family who couldn't make it to the wedding. Of course what are the odds that at a party with 90 guests, someone would be wearing MY dress?!?! I say that jokingly- I could care less and we looked nothing alike, but it was funny. The best part was that it was a Ralph Lauren dress that we both got for super cheap at TJ Maxx.

Training- This cold has been kicking my butt! I feel like crud still, and cough like crazy in the mornings. I haven't been in the pool because I am so congested. I am trying to run (woohoo!) and get time in on the bike, but I'm not feeling the swim just yet. I'm hoping for this week! The one thing I have been focusing on is a lot of strengthening, and core work...trying to get stronger for 2011.

Supper club- I have been inspired by my teammate Jessi to start a supper club with some of my working Mom friends. We are still figuring out the details, but I spent most of today cooking. I made stuffed shells, my enchilada bake, and mac and cheese. (Not all super healthy meals, but mac and cheese was chosen for being kid-friendly).

Team Trakkers- It is great to get to know the new round of teammates. There is a lot of enthusiasm, and I am really looking forward to the races this year. I am hoping to volunteer at the Rev3 race in Knoxville and be ready to race by Quassy.


  1. Please oh please make it down to Knoxville...I just don't think I wait till mid season to meet you!!!

  2. Ghostbusters is a classic. When I was in the navy for some reason that became a cruise flick during a Mediterian Deployment (meaning it was playing after Midrats for about 15 nights in a row), I used to be quote half the film. I still love the StayPuff Marshmellow Man. Greatest monster of all time. Way to expose the kids to some "old school" classics!

    See you at Knoxville and Quazzy!

  3. I love that you have family movie night! What a great tradition!

    And I'm looking forward to meeting you in Knoxville!

  4. Family movie night is very cool and Ghostbusters is such a great flick!

  5. Ghostbusters scared me when we watched it again :) The dress is awesome - I love deals! Hopefully, we can meet in Knoxville!

  6. Ahh! Great idea about volunteering... I think I'll do that at Quassy, ready to race by Portland. :-)

    Can't believe you were here in Philly over the weekend! We should have tried to get together for a quick run or something.

    Hope you enjoyed!

  7. Yay for Knoxville! I"m actually racing instead of working that one!! : )

  8. The pic of you at the wedding is fantastic!! I'm glad your recovery is going well!

  9. I heard recently that there might be a remake of Ghost Busters??? I hope they DON'T touch a classic!! Glad you're on the mend :)

  10. One of the most quotable movies ever.

    Don't cross the streams!

  11. We came, we saw...

    Love that movie.

    Feel better. Psyched to meet you at Quassy!

  12. Glad the dinner club idea sparked something for you - thanks for the nice email too!