Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Rundown: A Few of My Favorite Things

In honor of Valentines Day, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things. Some of them are pretty darn obvious, but some are random things that make my life easier, or just plain make me happy. One of these days I need to do a blog of all my favorite tri things (especially after I try out some of our new sponsors' products this season). For now, this is a pretty random smattering.
My Family:

What can I say? My whole family rocks! (I will post all about our Florida vacation soon). Tommy and I agreed years ago not to go overboard on Valentines Day, but the cards from him and the kids make me happier than any gift ever could.

My Team:
Team Trakkers and Rev3 Tri are amazing. I can't wait for another season with these folks. My teammate Andree said it best in her blog: " My teammates?? Hands down the greatest group of people, and your support and encouragement has meant so much to me. It is cool to think that I may never have crossed paths with many, but now can call them close friends." I completely agree. We race together, email and tweet a LOT, and they were there for me through some rough times this fall. I can't wait for the season to start. Rev3 puts on the most family-friendly races out there...I can't wait to check out Knoxville and South Carolina, and head back to Quassy and Cedar Point.

The Hidden Garden Book Club:
This awesome group of women got together ten years ago (starting with a group of people living on Hidden Garden Lane), and we have been having a blast ever since. I am fortunate that my Mom, Sister, Aunt, Daughter's Godmother, and lots of other awesome friends are in the group. Did I mention these ladies helped plan my sister's wedding in 21 days? They are incredible (Laura cooked the rehearsal dinner with my Uncle Rob), Beth baked the cupcakes, Joanne helped with flowers, Nermin interviewed caterers and found the dresses with us, my Uncle Rob and Aunt Marianne hosted the whole thing..... This group of ladies has been there "for better or worse, in sickness and in health", and I love them! (Even if we spend more time drinking wine and eating than actually discussing a book!). Yes, the Cow Hat is an honorary book club member. At the wedding, anyone wearing the hat was sporting "Haute Cow-ture".

My Stylist Tracey:
This chick rocks, literally. She has a side gig as stylist to several of the "hair bands". Her stories are awesome. If you can deal with someone who tells it like it is, Tracey is a blast. My hair is the bane of her existence (as Tommy once described, it is "fine and limp"...we had a conversation about the fact that "limp" isn't a word you use to describe your significant other). It doesn't do ANYTHING. Once a year or so, she gives me the curly look (only she can get my hair to hold curls for more than an hour). I was fortunate that after my cut and highlights this Saturday, she curled it for our tri club banquet. It is fun to have sassy hair once a year! You can check out Tracey and Salon 4 here.

The Unthinkable:

This book may seem morbid, but my co-worker and I actually used this book as a springboard for a disaster preparedness conference at the hospital. I can say with confidence that I think this book is one of the few that might actually save your life. It addresses the science behind why people survive in a disaster, and gives lots of good tips (peppered throughout the text). Did you know that just reading the safety card (no matter how often you fly) on every flight, and counting the number of rows between you and the exit, can increase your chance of surviving a plane crash dramatically? Our book club read it, and I gave it as a Christmas gift to just about everyone one year. Read more about it here.

Erika Robuck:

Erika is a local author. Her first novel, Receive Me Falling, is great historical fiction alternating between modern-day Annapolis and the island of Nevis at the end of the slave trade. She actually came to our book club and discussed it with us. Cooler still, she asked us to pre-read her new novel, Hemmingway's Girl, and provide suggestions. It is another amazing book, and I can't wait until it is officially published.

Washington Post Columnist Petula Dvorak:
Every time I see Petula Dvorak's picture on the front page of the Washington Post Metro Section, I get excited. She is the Carole Sharpless of columnists. Like Carole (my team Mom and fellow blogger), what she writes either makes me laugh hysterically or cry. Petula has kids, and I can ALWAYS relate to her columns about being a Mom, wife, woman.... You can read today's very entertaining column about Valentines Day here.

Wonder Woman:

I've mentioned Wonder Woman's comeback in our house this Winter. The kids got seasons 2 and 3 on DVD for Valentines Day. I love that there is no blood and gore, no foul language, and Wonder Woman is an awesome role model for girls. Can't wait to start watching Season 2!

My Kipling Wallet:

This one seems random, but when my good friend Catherine visited last year I HAD to have her wallet. I ordered one for myself, and absolutely love it. Plenty of space for things, and easy to move from my purse to backpack to wherever. (I've even carried it by itself- the side pocket is large enough for my phone, which is the size of a small laptop). I seriously recommend this wallet for everyone who can't seem to cram their stuff into a tiny one.

Bathroom Dance Party/ Pajama Jammie Jam

Nothing says family bonding like dancing and singing like no one is watching. We have a blast. Now that the kids are getting too big and too old to shower together, we have evolved from Bathroom Dance Party to the Pajama Jammie Jam. We laugh, we dance, we sing (I try). Last night, Tommy was boasting that he knows the boy and girl parts to "Gotta Go My Own Way" from High School Musical 2. At least he owns it. ;) Our favorite song of late is Pink's Raise Your Glass. Watch it here.

Ok...that was more than a few. After a very long and stressful day at work, it was fun to think about some of the people and things that make me happy. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day!


  1. what a great entry...feel lucky to have such great teammates too! can't wait to meet you all!!!!

  2. excuse me but there will be a copywrite fee for using my quote :). This is awesome!! I want to read that book for sure-right up my MH alley

  3. I second the Trakkers love. I was just thinking that the other day. While it sounds elitist, if other teams aren't jealous of what we have, they should be.
    Oh, and I think I'm going to start organizing some Jammie Jams with Sam and I in our house.

  4. Kier, I LOVE that the top thing on this list is your family. The Pajama Jammie Jam looks totally awesome!!!

    When they were younger, my kids loved to play a "spank the hiney" game where they would run around the house in jammies and try to avoid my wife and I so we couldn't "spank" them -- which in reality was mostly a grab & tickle move on our part...

  5. Love the poopster pics! Puppies sure are loved.

  6. Love the photos - the firefighter one is the best!!!!! I want the book! I will have to get it at the library :)