Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday (Tuesday) Rundown: Trakkers 2011

Ok, this rundown is all about my team! Have you ever been a part of something where you look around and think "Wow, I am so lucky they picked me!"? (I actually think that often about my husband, too. He was "the one that got away", and I got him back). Anyway, I digress (and no steroids anymore to blame it on). This team is amazing. Our pros are incredible! You can read all about them here. What always amazes me most is how Charlie Patten and Sharpie manage to create such a team when we are all over the country. Our newbies are incredibly enthusiastic. I am getting awesome tips on training, healthy eating, and lots of motivation from my awesome teammates. So what is new in 2011?

Rev3 partners with the Ulman Cancer Fund:
This is really cool. The Ulman Cancer Fund and Team Fight work to support young adults with cancer. Even cooler, they are based in Maryland. Ulman actually put on the Half Full Triathlon (my 70-mile race this past October). Many of my tri club friends race for Team Fight, and I'm so excited that we get to support them as part of the Rev3 family. Rev3 Provided the timing, bike racks, and other support for Half Full, but they are extending even more support through fundraising, etc. The enthusiasm around this with our team and Rev3 is incredible.

Rev 3:
On top of amazing philanthropy, Rev3 puts on incredible races. I CAN'T WAIT to race and volunteer. Thanks to my awesome teammate Laura, I am planning some serious road-tripping this season.
We are driving to Knoxville in May, and Anderson, SC in October, plus Laura's home turf for Quassy (CT) in June. (Not to mention my road trip to Cedar Point in September). Lots of driving and lots of fun. (Many thanks to my hubby for supporting these adventures).

New Kicks:
Our team shoes will be from Avia this year. They have some seriously snazzy running shoes. I ordered my first pair of Avia Rhythm running shoes to test out as a training shoe (I am long overdue, and while I found great racing flats last year I didn't ever find an ideal training shoe).

My Training:
This is still a slow-but-sure process. Off of the steroids I was taking (think "sinus infection", not "doping scandal"), my knee is starting to ache some. I'm thinking I pushed a little too much when I was on the steroids and feeling great. I got in my first swim in two months today, I'm up to 120 minute indoor trainer rides (though it was a bit more painful this weekend), and 4-6 mile runs. It still isn't as consistent as I would like, but I am making progress. I went ahead and registered for Rev 3 Quassy, Cedar Point, and SC, so I'm hoping things continue to progress.


  1. Those Rhythm's are pretty nice looking. Very excited to try out the Avia's.

  2. Thank you for the kind post Kiersten. A great partnership with a bunch of really great and generous people! Looking forward to a great 2011 season!

  3. Progress takes a long time (I am in the same boat). Keep at it!!!!

  4. Awesome post Kiersten 2011 is going to ROCK, it already does! Hey where are you driving to CP from? I am driving as well...I wonder if we could meet along the way somewhere?

  5. Girl, you said it! It is soooo awesome and I feel so lucky to be a part of the Trakkers team!

  6. Nice kicks, pretty snazzy!

    I can't wait to get my Quest Lite's.

    Yeah, I am right with you on being part of something special. WHat a great group of human beings, let alone athletes.