Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Had a "Good Mom" week

I don't think I could put this out there if I didn't know several (dozen) other Moms who feel frazzled and unprepared some days. I feel like there are so many days when I am not fully present for my kids, or don't have enough patience. I'm not saying that hasn't happened in the past few weeks, but I feel like the past week or so has been wonderful.

My son capped it off by saying "Mom, you are a good person". We had a wonderful family vacation last week. We crossed off all of our vacation "bucket list" items, and added more:

- A day at Kings Dominion (no one melted in the heat, the lines were short, and my daughter rocked on the roller coasters with the bigger boys). D-man also held his own on the kiddie rides.

- Bay kayaking at the beach (many thanks to my brother-in-law for this suggestion). We had a blast splashing, paddling, and laughing.
- Waterslides at the beach (it is so nice now that the kids are old enough for us to watch them but give them a little leeway, too)
- The Boardwalk at Rehoboth (ice cream, video games, cheesy stuffed animals)

Even when Tommy worked, I took the kids to Target for school supply shopping and we made it out unscathed. We also got to meet my newest "sibling" (my Mom's new horse "Razzle"). The kids helped brush the horses, muck the stalls, and take Raz for a walk. (Of course then my son said "I love shoveling poop!"). I love the moments when I can just be present, listen to what they have to say, and enjoy the time with them. Don't get me wrong- they still argue, and I still yell sometimes, but this summer has been fantastic!


  1. That's awesome Kier!! Sounds perfect!! :D

  2. What a great week! Hold onto it for the times when they aren't so great!