Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Have a Race Schedule!

After months of seemingly random (but perhaps somewhat connected) health issues and injuries, I have actually been training somewhat consistently. I am not fast (my former "easy" pace now pushes me to the limit), and I am not going far (I told myself I would not do longer than a 10K run this season), but I am out there. My "fat" pants are loose again (thank goodness!), and I'm starting to feel my body getting more athletic. It is amazing what these changes do for your state of mind.

The most important race I have registered for isn't mine, but for my daughter. It is her first ever Kids Tri. Of course she is learning tri rules early. Her birthday is December, so she is 8 but will race as a 9 year old. This means she has to swim 100 meters rather than 50. We also have three weeks to get her over her fear of biking without training wheels. I'm seriously crossing my fingers. She is eager and enthusiastic, though.

The biggest omission from my own race calendar is Rev3 Cedar Point. Racing the 70.3 there (healthy), and with a tri bike, will be a huge thing for me. It looks like 2012 will be the year for that. I am so excited to race with my Trakkers teammates in Anderson, SC at the Rev3 race there in October.

So my schedule is a bit about going back to my "roots". I'm doing two of the races I did my first season as a triathlete (they are both local and familiar), and then ending with Rev 3 Anderson. Even though it is in SC, the Rev3 crew makes it feel like home!

Sunday, August 14 Luray Sprint Triathlon
Saturday, Sept 24 Make-A-Wish Olympic Triathlon
Sunday, October 9 Rev 3 Anderson

So I have a plan. Next week will be the test. I am excited to pack a transition bag, to toe the line, and to see where I stand with my fitness. I'm also excited to race my new Kestrel. She is raring to go!


  1. yEA! Glad to hear you are back out there!

  2. Great news!!! So excited for you!! It'll be all exciting and new again :D

  3. Woo-Hoo!!! Can't wait to see you in SC!! You are definitely making the good decisions when it comes to your go get in that pool! ;)

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