Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Surviving" Swim Team

This summer brought about big changes in our family schedule. The kids are starting a new school in the fall, so Tommy held "Camp Dad" on his days off. To get some regularly scheduled exercise, improve their swimming, and introduce them to friends from their new school, we signed the kids up for swim team.

Whew!!! I tip my hat to all of the parents who have done this year after year. As a parent, you literally "dive in" to the swim team season. Practice every day (when the kids weren't at daycare), volunteer responsibilities (in which we were delinquent due to scheduling), even getting our head around all of the details was overwhelming. (Swim team veterans are laughing at me right now).

When I was a kid, we were total pool rats. We played sharks and minnows for hours, but there was no formal swim team (which haunts me now as a triathlete).

So here I am, with one on the swim team and one on pre team. The season was a blast. Cheering my daughter and son on was even better than racing in a triathlon myself! Tommy and I definitely learned some lessons (he made an awesome timer, and also rescued a girl in distress during the pre-team meet), but I think we will do it all over again next year. I'm very thankful for my "parent buddies" who helped us learn the ropes!

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