Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Awesome Rev3 Blog Radio Show

So I spent this evening listening to the Rev 3 Blog Radio show with Heather Gollnick and Julie Dibens. What a great time! In addition to listening to all their sage advice about the sport of triathlon and the Rev3 series, I was chatting online with other triathletes and some of my Trakkers teammates.

My big question for Julie and Heather was what advice they have for a age-group triathlete making the jump from sprint/olympic distance to the 70.3 distance. How do you mentally prepare. Julie said to know that you can do all three distances. They don't have to be at a fast pace, just complete the swim, bike, and run distances at some point. That way on race day you know that you can do it. heather said to be prepared for Lake Erie...the water can be really calm or choppy. Know how to handle the chop and alter your swim.

It was only at the end that we found out Charlie Patten (our fearless Rev3 and Trakkers leader) was in the chat room with us the whole time. We decided the Trakkers ladies (and Jamie) should be Charlie's Angels. Haha! What a great time this evening. I am so pumped for Cedar Point!


  1. Haha. I need to start practicing my angel poses.

  2. We will soooooo have to get a team photo with Charlie at Rev3!