Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Becoming a Swimmer

I have known how to swim for as long as I can remember.....we were pool rats at the neighborhood pool every summer (endless days of "sharks and minnows" in the diving well), I went to a summer camp on the Chesapeake Bay, and I took all of my lifeguard training in the Chesapeake Bay. I was a water safety instructor, swim teacher at the Y, blah blah blah..... I was, however, never a competitive swimmer. I don't do flip turns, and I am SLOOOOOWWWWWWW. My bike and run aren't at the front of the pack, but I can usually manage top third or fourth of the field. The swim does me in.

Keep in mind, I swam four times before my first tri last year, and probably swam a total of 30 times all season. I was frustrated by the swim and didn't put enough effort into it. I also didn't have a coach to give me a training plan and help with technique.

This year is a whole different story. I started my "base" training in December, and have been pretty consistent (minus a couple weeks in Jan/Feb)since. The biggest problem is that the workouts take me longer than the average "fast" swimmer. I try to fit it all in but find myself scrambling to get everything done at either 6am on weekdays, or 7-9pm on Friday evenings (when only those people who can't get there any other time are swimming). The awesome part? I am swimming farther every week than I ever have.....I was so excited to hit the 3000y mark (my longest tri this year has a 1.2 mile swim, which is 1931 meters or 2112 yards...yikes). That distance isn't until the Half Rev at Cedar Point, so I have some time. I have made a ton of progress, with improvement on my 1000 meter time trial and my 200 yard timed swim with each workout. Progress!!!!!!

The best part? I actually got in the pool this morning and looked forward to my swim. For so long I dreaded it because I was frustrated by my speed. I still get lapped on occasion by people twice my age, but I'm working hard and not giving up!

My favorite tools for the swim? My triswim products. Their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion are awesome! I don't reek of chlorine, and my very fine, very flat hair doesn't get out of control after a swim. Last season, I used their Trislide anti-friction/anti-chafing skin lubricant which is incredible. You use it like other products, but it sprays on and your wetsuit comes off SO easily. This season I just need a new wetsuit! (Honey- are you reading this? Birthday hint!).

So I won't ever be at the front of the swim pack, and the fast swimmers from the wave behind me will continue to run me over. I can now enjoy my swim training, and get pumped for my 2010 season.

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