Wednesday, June 15, 2011

35 and Giving Thanks

I turn 35 tomorrow. When you take care of people in their 90s every day, age is relative. I'm not bothered by my age. The only bummer is I "age up" in the sport of triathlon to the 35-39 age group. Those are some seriously fast women!

I had a bit of a pity party the other day(s), as the bummer things that happened in the past 10 months or so caught up with me. I am a Polyanna ("someone with an optimistic outlook"). I try to see the best in every situation ("It could always be worse"). I hate feeling "blah". Tommy knows immediately when I'm feeling down because I get quiet. (That NEVER happens). So as I sat feeling down, I thought that I have so much to be thankful for, and I need to recognize those positives. A couple of days later, I am out of the funk and am going to say thanks.

I am thankful for.....

I have known Tommy since I was 16....19 years this December. I've known him more than half of my life. He knows me better than just about anyone, and he GETS me. He knows how to motivate me (and on rare occasion how to push my buttons). The most amazing thing...he has never told me I can't accomplish something. He just stands by and supports me. Triathlon? Go for it! Grad school? Go for it! Going to volunteer in a field hospital after Hurricane Katrina (and leave him with the 2 1/2 year old for a week)? Go for it! He is so encouraging. Of course we have our moments (and he allegedly snores), but he is the best partner in parenting and the best friend I could ever ask for. He has been with me for a lot this year, and we've come through even stronger. What more could a girl ask for? (Not just saying this because he gave me the most awesome bday present ever).

Our Kids
The two munchkins who can make me smile and scream in the span of 5 minutes. I am amazed by their love, their capacity to learn, their enthusiasm.... I am so fortunate to have these amazing offspring. Watching my daughter in her first season of swim team, and my son learn and grow is truly a blessing.

Spanner and Spridel
Almost fourteen years with these two amazing pups. They were wonderful to us and our children. Every day I think of the little things I miss, but I also give thanks for having them in our lives.

My Family
Who comes to the ER at a moment's notice when you call? Who takes your kids when you need help at the last minute? Who laughs and cries with you? and argue about centerpieces and seating arrangements the day before the wedding? Who supports your hobbies and dreams even if they don't understand them? I have amazing family!

Incredible Friends
I know I've mentioned in past blogs that I was not a popular kid. I got along with people, but never had a "group" that I fit in. I had great neighborhood friends, but it wasn't until college and beyond that I made more lifelong friends. These ladies make me laugh, are there when I cry, and are such an important part of my life. I'm leaving out names because I will forget someone important. I have to call out the Hidden Garden Book Club. These ladies can rally to deal with a crisis, or plan a wedding in 3 weeks.

My Triathlon Friends and Team Trakkers Family
So I don't feel like much of an athlete these days (ignore the bike set up on the trainer in my living room), but I'm getting back there. I would never have imagined myself as a "Sponsored Triathlete". I think they could have scripted a reality show about our Team Trakkers "casting". Carole and Charlie did an amazing job putting together a team of grounded, dedicated, truly kind people. I had known them only months when stuff hit the fan for me medically. The support was amazing. These people have become a family to me, and seeing them at recent events has really been rejuvenating for me. Just being able to volunteer at recent Rev3 events has been so rewarding. I have made so many longtime friends through this team. I have met so many wonderful people through this sport, including some awesome people in the Mid Maryland Tri Club.

I Love My Job
I love what I do. I love taking care of patients, explaining their illness and treatment, teaching new nurses. It wears me out some days, but I couldn't imagine what else I would do. I work with great people, at the "Cheers" of hospitals. Everybody knows your name (but there isn't any beer).

I know I am missing important people and things in my life, but I just had to say thanks. Call me Polyanna, but I will take it. Come on 35....lets kick some butt!