Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rev3 Quassy Part 2: Pit Stop

When Trakkers Mama Bear Carole asked me to help with the TriSlide Pit Stop in Knoxville, I had to say yes. I love TriSlide! I spray my ankles, wrist, neck, feet, and any other hot spots. It helps get my TYR Cat 5 wetsuit on and off, and prevents chaffing. I also use it to protect my feet when going sockless by spraying my feet before the swim and spraying the inside of my shoes.

The goal of the "Pit Stop" was to spray people down before the race (if they so chose). It wasa great chance for them to try the product, and my Trakkers teammates and I had a blast. Of course we had to repeat the event in Quassy. I was designated as the unofficial "Tri Slide Crier" (perhaps my big mouth), so I did lots of yelling. I'm sure some people were annoyed, but if you catch people as they are going into transition, they are likely to stop by the pit on the way out.
"Stop by on your way out of transition to get your TriSlide! Spray your ankles and wrists to get your wetsuit on and off more easily, and your neck and anywhere else you chafe!"
The word "chafe" got old, so it changed to "anywhere else you irritated", and my eloquent teammate Kelly evolved the phrase to "any other hot spots".

In Knoxville, Laura and I learned that you shouldn't spray TriSlide anywhere near the transition area, as it can make the ground/mats a bit slippery. In Quassy, we got smarter. The TriSlide Pit Stop was right next to the porta potty line (across from transition). People got sprayed while waiting for their turn in the porta potty, or on their way to the beach. We also wiped down goggles with Foggle (another awesome SBR Sports product).

Big thanks to Susanna, Kacie, Joshua and his awesome Mom Samantha, and Kelly! You guys are the best.


  1. You guys are awesome!! I love it!! Seriously it is such a great idea, because once someone uses trislide once, they'll never use another product for "hot spots" :D

  2. Love it. Can I be hired for South Carolina. I'll be volunteering and perhaps by then y'all will be racing :-)

  3. Loved the pot!! So much fun!

  4. That was great!!!!! So cute! We were kind of awesome (mostly you were awesome!)

  5. yay!!! thanks so much. i didn't even notice those pictures being taken! :-P