Sunday, June 26, 2011

"I think her name is Lucy..."

After two months of sitting in my house (with a seat that was way too tall for me)...I took my Kestrel Airfoil pro to get a Retul Fit. Steve at Bike Doctor in Arnold, MD was awesome. All of the pros and kick-butt age groupers on Team Trakkers/Rev3 who I talked to said a Retul fit was the only way to go. Steven at Kestrel also gave some insight into the fit process. (Thanks everyone!)

It really was amazing. On top of the fact that I have a mini-bike (a 47 with 650 wheels), Steve had to cut the seat post three times to get a really good fit. (I think he couldn't believe I needed it THAT short!). Through the fit process, he could tell me that I rotate one hip forward more than the other to compensate for my sacroiliac joint arthritis. When that was corrected for, my right knee position during my pedal stroke was much more consistent. I am hoping this really solid fit helps me fend off further injuries this season. The crew at Bike Doctor finished my bike build while I was on vacation, and I picked her up yesterday.

I initially had a name picked out for the bike, but then decided she needs a theme song to go with her name (inspired by teammate Laura). Having grown up listening to the Beastie Boys, somehow the song "She's Crafty" stuck in my head. Of course this is a song about a "loose" woman who steals things, but the chorus works:

"She's crafty - she's gets around
She's crafty - she's always down
She's crafty - she's got a gripe
She's crafty - and she's just my type
She's crafty"
(You can hear the rest here)

Perhaps a bit non-traditional, but it works for me! (No, my bike is not a hussy, but I hope she seriously gets around at some races later this season).

I got to ride her on the trainer yesterday, as this is my first time riding aero. I can't wait to get out on the road!


  1. Look at you, all aero!! I'm so excited for you!!

  2. You look great!! Too funny, I sing that beastie boys song all the time when I'm riding my bike... I guess it fits bike riding even if they never intended it too :D Enjoy your bike!!

  3. Love it! Glad she has finally made it out of the box.

    Will she be stealing some new bike course PRs?