Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet Cookie: Canine Burn Survivor

The amazing thing about dogs is their ability to love unconditionally and their ability to forget horrible things that have happened in their past. Tommy and I both swore that it would be a long time before we got another dog, but then we found Cookie. (Disclaimer: some of the pictures below might be bothersome, but I promise the story has a happy ending).

(Excerpted from the Dawg Rescue site)
Cookie was found tied inside an abandoned, burning home. She was lifeless and presumed dead. The wonderful firemen took what they thought was Cookie's body outside and discovered she was alive! Cookie was rushed to an emergency vet for burns and smoke inhalation. DAWG heard about her and knew we had to help. Animal Control officers drove her to DAWG's animal hospital, where she started treatment immediately.

What looked like burns "here and there" -- especially on her head and inside the ears -- changed. Cookie's skin started to peel off, and unbelievably she lost most of her skin!

January 1, 2011

Cookie started the new year with her usual sweet playfulness, but damaged skin now covered most of her body. Cookie's wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Kim Beck, decided to look into specialized burn treatments and discovered that South Paws in Virginia offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to accelerate healing in burn victims. So she took Cookie to her first treatment on January 4. Treatment was daily until Cookie showed substantial gains in her condition. Thanks to South Paws for pulling out the stops for Cookie. These are pictures of Cookie's skin as she embarked on her HBOT treatments:

Cookie didn't seem to notice, even when she started wearing a body bandage and a t-shirt. She just greeted everyone wagging her tail and giving kisses.
To see Cookie on YouTube at this stage, click here.

February 10, 2011

Cookie's back after a month of HBOT treatments at South Paws! All that's left of her burned skin is a raw area on her back, roughly the size of a hand. The rest of her burned skin is a healthy pink, with bits of fur growing (not that she'll ever have a "fur coat").

Thank you to South Paws and Cookie's many friends there, who cried as they said good-bye. There's something special about Cookie...she touches everyone she meets!

Cookie on March 20, 2011

Lovin' life and the joys of spring!
(Click here)

Cookie on March 27, 2011 (Click Here)

Cookie visiting at the April 2 Beltsville Petco adoption show.
No more bandages, just protection of her healing skin.
Note Cookie's custom-designed outfit, courtesy of her veterinarian!

Cookie meeting our son

Cookie at our house for an adoption interview last week

We can't begin to say how thankful we are for the Dawg volunteers, all of the veterinary providers, and most especially Cookie's foster Mom Kathy and her family. There were daily dressing changes, weekly visits to the vet, and immense amounts of love dispensed. I almost feel guilty that we are getting Cookie after so many others put so much effort into her survival. The most amazing part? She acts like any other 15 month-ish puppy. She needs some leash training, but sits, plays with the kids, (chews on stuffed animals...BeeBee beware), and is going to be an amazing addition to our family. Her only issue is that she has to wear a shirt when she goes outside. No biggie!

Cookie comes to us Thursday evening for good...I can't wait to take her for a walk around the lake Friday morning.


  1. Yay!! I love the last family picture...Cookie is so smiling in that one!! What a perfect dog for you guys. So excited for you!

  2. LOVE IT - Awesome Henrys! So you Kier, so you and so great - what a story!!

  3. This is such an amazing story! I'm sure cookie will provide your family with as much love as you'll give her! :)

  4. All of us at SouthPaws are so excited to see this and see what an amazing home she went to. She stole everyone's heart from day one and became part of our family. She is such an inspirational dog to so many and I feel privileged to say I know her. We love you cookie! Love Jenny and all your friends at VCA SouthPaws Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Center